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Phil Collins Daily

Musician Legend

a community for photos and news about Phil Collins
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Welcome to phil_daily! This community will be used for photos and news related to singer/drummer/producer/songwriter/actor Phil Collins.


* Only mods will be allowed to post news and photos related to Phil or the band, Genesis, but everyone is more than welcome to comment -- we want to hear from you! It'll also make it easier for us to keep track of what's posted here so we won't have to worry about spammers or flamers submitting inappropriate content.

* As mentioned above, we do want to hear from you. All that we ask when you post a comment to an entry is not to flame and be respectful towards the other members of the community. We want to try to keep things fun and engaging for all of Phil's fans.

* If you have any trouble with a member harassing or flaming you, please let one of the mods know and we will take care of it.

More or less, as long as you follow these simple rules, this will be an awesome place to visit. We want everyone to enjoy their time here.


This community is moderated by libbysmsclcrush, nooperz, and gwendolyn1983. Do not hesitate to contact us for anything. Any fans of Phil are fans of ours too -- we are here for you. :)



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